I love scrapbooking. Scrap that: I love memory keeping. I love it because it gives us the opportunity to reflect on happy memories and the people, places, and things that we love. But if you’re just getting into it, you may find yourself overwhelmed with a lot of choice, but no direction. Shouldn’t it be easier? My answer is it can be. And I hope I can help you with that.

The trick is to keep it simple. Figure out why you’re interested in memory keeping. Don’t worry about scrapbooking a lifetime of memories, focus on something you know: a place, a state of being, a moment in time, a person, a pet. And build from there based on what you have. Or, scratch the old stuff and create something totally new.

Imagine what it would be like to release yourself from the self-imposed burden of memory keeping past years. What are you thinking right now? What is important to you? What are you looking forward to? When people ask, I often find myself answering these questions with a light answer – you know, the kind of answer that anyone could give. “Oh, I’m really excited about vacation. Vacation is so great. It gives you a chance to get away from it all.” But when I stop and think about it, the truth is – I love so much about my life, why would I want to escape it?

I created this site so that I would have a place to share the little projects that I love so much, the things that help me to celebrate the little moments in between the other stuff, and that I hope you will love too. Stay tuned.. there is SO much to come!


Julie + Max
Julie + Max

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