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Updated 2/28/2015: this blog is being re-opened! Expect to see weekly content here, on weekends, all related to memory keeping and paper. Eventually, this space will be the place where I share shop content. Stay tuned!

Hi there!

If you’re reading this, you have found my secondary blog Little Paper Projects. I created this site because I thought that the content was too different from what I was trying to achieve on How I Sustain blog. I was wrong. How I Sustain is all about personal sustainability.

And part of developing personal sustainability is connecting your interests with others. And part of that is having hobbies that fulfill you. And part of that is making reflection and gratitude a part of your life. And part of that is building a life that you want for yourself and finding the good in what you have, even when things get really hard. And all of that is directly related back to the vision of this site, which was to demonstrate that memory keeping is one way to direct your own happiness. And it isn’t hard. And it doesn’t have to be complicated.

If that is something that interests you, or if you want to see more of what I do, check me out on Follow the blog. Find me on Instagram. Follow me on Pinterest. Or follow me on Twitter. And thanks for your interest!



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