Wedding Guest Book – Part II (Tips and Tricks to Organize a Guest Book)

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the first half of my wedding guest book mini album.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: after all of the work put into your special day (including all of the moments you dreamed about it when you were little), what is left is only the memory. To me, preserving that memory is what is most important when it comes to your guest book or photo books. And the best way to ensure that is to put a little thought to it in advance of your big day (as if you don’t have enough to do?).

I think we all picture ourselves referring back to our wedding photo books years later and admiring the day with a sense of pride and satisfaction of a wonderful time in our lives. But when you’re in the thick of it – planning each little detail as if you’re going to be featured on Martha Stewart Weddings – it is easy to lose sight of your end goal. So here are some tips for planning your memory keeping in advance of the big day.

1. Take pictures of the planning process. That includes dress shopping, picking invitations, dinners with friends and family to celebrate, engagement pictures, showers, etc. It’s all warming up to the big day and each event is an opportunity to have a small celebration with friends and family.

2. Think about the photo style for your big day. I’m a huge fan of candid photos. I’m also a huge fan of non-traditional portraits. Sure, it’s great to have a picture of the entire wedding party, but I also want a picture of me with my friends from college, my husband with his college friends, pictures of my inlaws with their close friends, etc. Weddings have this incredible way of bringing everyone together, take advantage of that opportunity to capture the relationships that are important in your life.

3. Highlight the details. This is something you should mention to your photographer in advance of the wedding. Let them know that you are really proud of your DIY favors or the centerpieces your grandmother made so that they can plan to take a couple of photos before everyone arrives at the reception.

4. Get the digital copy. One of the things that irks me about photographers (and I love photographers!) is that they tend to cling to the old style of photo sharing, where people paid per-print and the only way to get a photo book was to pay them for it. The truth is, that world no longer exists. And you don’t want to end up with half a dozen photo books of your wedding because professional photos don’t blend with personal digital photos and photo booth photos and getting ready photos. Yikes! Get digital everything. Put it all together. Make ONE book!

5. Use project life. Seriously, you should use project life in some capacity, even if it’s just to take notes or remember special things that occurred during the wedding day. The project life cards are perfect for writing quick snippets of memories you want to keep. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s portable. And the cards are beautiful!

Here are the products used for this wedding guest book:


wedding guestbook page 9
wedding guestbook page 9: true
wedding guestbook page 10
wedding guestbook page 10: flower girl and ring bearer
wedding guestbook page 11
wedding guestbook page 11: first dance
wedding guestbook page 12
wedding guestbook page 12: speeches
wedding guestbook page 13
wedding guestbook page 13: photo booth
wedding guestbook page 14
wedding guestbook page 14: feet
wedding guestbook page 15
wedding guestbook page 15: forever
wedding guestbook page 16
wedding guestbook page 16: the story of us
wedding guest book detail
wedding guest book detail: ours is my favorite
wedding guest book detail
wedding guest book detail: love this
wedding guestbook page 17
wedding guestbook page 17: guest book notes from friends
wedding guest book detail
wedding guest book detail: yours mine and ours
wedding guestbook page 18
wedding guestbook page 18: cards
wedding guestbook page 19
wedding guestbook page 19: together
wedding guestbook page 20
wedding guestbook page 20: last dance

Final thoughts:

I love looking at this book. It gives me the warm and fuzzies to think back to our wedding and remember all of the wonderful things about that day, which probably remain the best day of my life for just about ever. It was so amazing. So many moments of absolute and pure joy. Unfortunately, there was not enough room in the mini book for everything I wanted to include. SO, yet again, I am going to re-do this project. It’s not a bad thing. What I have now is beautiful and I LOVE it. But I also want a place to capture more than just this day. And 20 pages in a PL mini book is a little too restrictive for my vision. You’ll see the new project soon! I’m just waiting on my local Michaels craft store to stock up on the design A protector pages.


Julie // Little Paper Projects


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