Organize those old printed photos

In 2002, my father gave me my first SLR (film) for a combo Christmas-Birthday present, in June. Sure, it made no sense. My birthday is in January. Christmas is in December. But he knew I was looking for a hobby and photography was something that he had enjoyed in his early adulthood as well.

I loved that camera. I still have it. I took it everywhere. With a comfortable job and no debts at the time, the only limit to the photos I took was the subjects themselves, so I used every possible opportunity as an excuse to document something. My sisters had proms, dance recitals, sleepovers with friends. I took my cats on walks. I roamed my home city at the time. I made up excuses to visit downtown Boston to take pictures of statues. I documented it all. And it was awesome.

The only downside to a hobby like photography is that you end up with a lot of pictures. For years I have organized and reorganized stacks upon stacks of photos that accumulated in a series of shoe boxes up until I went all-digital in 2008 (did I mention I loved my film camera?!). But what was I going to do with them? I certainly was NOT going to creatively scrapbook one photo at a time. First, that would take a lifetime. Second, it would cost a fortune. Third, I wouldn’t even want the albums after they were done.

Enter, Becky Higgins and Project Life: a system that allows you to get a ton of photos into a single album in a weekend and make it look perfect. I mean, really, these cards are beautiful!

So today I wanted to share a sneak peek on what I completed recently on a rainy weekend. I can’t believe how quickly it all came together. And I can’t wait to share some tips on how it all happened.

Products Used:

Back when I used a lot of film, I always developed at Ritz Camera. They have very high quality standards and did a great job of normalizing inconsistencies in my photos and enhancing the overall image before printing. Plus, the photo paper is high quality and it’s just a great experience overall. I have no idea if they still do developing, but the important take away is to use a high quality printer, if it is available to you and in your budget.

Stay tuned!

photos have arrived!
photos have arrived!
so excited about the olive edition core kit!
so excited about the olive edition core kit!
my "process"
my “process”
close up of the goods
close up of the goods

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