Wedding Guest Book – Part I

It’s amazing how much you can do and how quickly you can do it when you have the tools you need. I have been holding on to this guest-book project for two years. Last year I made a beautiful digital photo book out of the photos taken by both the photographer and friends and family during our wedding using Photobook America and another book (by force, we were not given the digital images) of the photobooth pictures (I will blog about this soon!). But I struggled with the guest book for a long time, stuck between a traditional scrapbook (which left me uninspired) and tossing the whole thing out (such a waste!). Then Becky Higgins came out with the Project Life mini albums and it all made sense.

I used the midnight Project Life mini album to make the book, printed a bunch of photos from our wedding, purchased a few embellishments, and put it all together. Suddenly it all made sense. In just a few hours, I had a book I’m really happy with. Not only was this a quick and easy project, but this is probably the first time I have ever used an entire set of embellishments in one sitting. Cheers to less waste!

Here are the products used:

wedding guestbook cover
wedding guestbook cover
wedding guestbook first page
wedding guestbook first page: love always

This spread is a great example of using a variety of materials. Here, I used:

  • a note written at the reception,
  • a cut down card that someone gave us,
  • a horizontal kit card in front of a scrapbook paper cut-out (cut to 4×6)
  • another scrapbook paper cut-out to 3×4
wedding guestbook page 2
wedding guestbook page 2: here comes the bride
wedding guestbook page 3
wedding guestbook page 3: just married
wedding guestbook page 4
wedding guestbook page 4: happy
wedding guestbook page 5
wedding guestbook page 5: just the two of us
wedding guestbook page 6
wedding guestbook page 6: love
wedding guest book detail
wedding guestbook page 6: wedding party
wedding guestbook - love
wedding guestbook – love
wedding guestbook page 6
wedding guestbook page 7: a true love story never ends
wedding guestbook - true love story never ends
wedding guestbook – true love story never ends
wedding guestbook page 8
wedding guestbook page 8: tie the knot
wedding guestbook page 9
wedding guestbook page 9: cherish


For more info on this project, you can view the original post on my other blog:

Final Thoughts:

Weddings, guest-books, and little paper projects are a personal expression of who you are and your personal taste. When a project comes together, it can embody everything you loved about a certain event, a moment, a time in your life. I leave all of my projects slightly unfinished or under-designed so that I can come back in a week, a month, a year and add to it. Just like a room, or a house, photo books and photo projects take time to cultivate. Let it take time. Let it be something you develop and work yourself into. Don’t feel pressure to do it all at once. After all, you have a whole lifetime to develop it!

I hope you love your wedding guest-book as much as I love mine!!


Julie for Little Paper Projects


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